The Roast of Mitch McConnell

By Character Assassination Chicago (other events)

Sunday, April 7 2019 7:00 PM 8:30 PM

Whether you hate Mitch or just hate politics, the Roast of Mitch McConnell is a can't-miss show from Chicago's premier character/roast show, Character Assassination. The senator will be the the target of a Comedy Central-style roast featuring his colleagues like Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez, and much more, with each character played by one of Chicago's best and meanest stand-up comedians.  Come watch us make Mitch our b****.

Character Assassination roasts have been recommended by the RedEye, the Reader, and discerning comedy fans all over. Don't miss another great roast from Character Assassination.

Character Assassination is a roast show at Chicago's Laugh Factory that puts historical figures and beloved pop culture personalities in the hotseat. Stacked against a ruthless panel of their peers, these roasts turn into a battle of the wits limited only by the imagination. Every show features top comedians, writing and performing in character and in costume as a wild roasting dais of popular icons with one goal in mind: to tear each other to shreds. Character Assassination is a sister show of Character Assassination Louisville and is sponsored by Chicago Costume.

Age restriction: 18+ / 2 item minimum per person (can be non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage)


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